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One of the greatest motivating forces for Donald Knuth when he began developing the original TeX system was to create something that allowed simple construction of mathematical formulae, while looking professional when printed. The fact that he succeeded was most probably why TeX and later on, LaTeX became so popular within the scientific community. Typesetting mathematics is one of LaTeX's greatest strengths. It is also a large topic due to the existence of so much mathematical notation. If your document requires only a few simple mathematical formulas, plain LaTeX has most of the tools that you will need. If you are writing a scientific document that contains numerous complicated formulas, the amsmath package [1] introduces several new commands that are more powerful and flexible than the ones provided by basic LaTeX.
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Just want to say that I am really grateful for Overleaf, it has enabled a slew of research and teaching development in my work that would have been annoyingly difficult before. And thanks for the support!! See what has been added and removed. There are thousands of Templates in our template gallery, so it's really easy to get started, whether you're writing a journal article, thesis, CV or something else. View templates. There's nothing complicated or difficult for you to install, and you can start using LaTeX right now , even if you've never seen it before.
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Good news! Overleaf and ShareLaTeX have joined forces to bring you Overleaf v2, which combines the best of both services. If you had an Overleaf account and a ShareLaTeX account with the same email address, we've now merged your accounts. You will be prompted to confirm your email address the first time you log in.
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If you run into trouble, visit the help section. LaTeX is not a stand-alone typesetting program in itself, but document preparation software that runs on top of Donald E. Knuth 's TeX typesetting system.
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