Ceiling Fans

Save energy by dimming the need for air-conditiong and heat. Selections include the best contemporary fans available.

Ceiling Lights

Attached directly to the ceiling (flush mount_ or close to the ceiling (semi-flush mount). There are fewer choices in this category than most others; must have opal or frosted glass. Aspects to be considered in selecting outdoor lighting is the area to be lit, the effect desired, the materials to be used and the ease of relamping.

Floor Lamps

Available for task use for reading, as torchieres or similar for ambient light, or as decorative components for mood lighting. Recently combinations have been introduced that combine task and ambient lighting in a single floor lamp.

Monorail / Cable

Similar to track in its flexibility but a more contemporary and cleaner appearance. Monorail can be bent to form gentle curves and even spirals. Preferred by most customers to track.


Outdoor lighting is exposed to greater demands than indoor lighting therefore it has to be made differently and better. This is not an area to economize in quality.


Small to medium lights suspended from the ceiling. Most often used in the Kitchen. may be hung singly or in groups from a wide variety of ceiling mounts. Shades are generally glass. Accipiter has more then 1500 choices.

Recessed Lights

Very popular because of their low cost and low profile but not always used properly. Many factors including the size of the aperture, the type of trim and bulb, low vs. line voltage, thee type of transformer and installation are all factors that need to be considered because of their installation in the ceiling. These are difficult to change after installation. Accipiter staff can help you select the best housing and trim for your needs.

Suspension / Chandelier

Larger fixtures that are suspended from the ceiling, usually consisting of multiple smaller lights or pendants or one larger piece of glass. Often created using multiple pendants from a single structure or multi-point canopy.

Table Lamps

Available for task use on a desk or side table, for ambient light or primarily as decorative components for mood lighting.


Introduced more than 30 years ago track remains one of the most functional, flexible and affordable forms of lighting. While the track itself hasn't changed, major advances have been made in the fixtures that can be attached. Significantly smaller heads, more effective and efficient bulbs, low-voltage accessories for pendants, etc. are now available. Accipiter offers fixtures to fit on your existing track as-well as track and accessories for new installations.

Wall Sconces / Vanity Lighting

Attached to the wall; often found above the vanity mirror in bathrooms but also useful to provide ambient or mood lighting in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. A subcategory includes swing arm laps for behind the bed.